Play Parks

Over the years, many residents have raised concerns about play parks having outdated equipment and not being accessible to everyone.

The Council is responsible for 165 play parks across the city - which are best described as being in a mixed state of repair.

The Scottish Government has made a commitment to support the upgrading of play parks but at the moment there is no clear plan for sorting out which play parks are most in need of improvement, how they are prioritised and why.

The Lib Dem group got unanimous support for a motion asking for, among other things, a report on which criteria are used when considering a play park for refurbishment, and which parks are currently being considered.

Ed Thornley said, "When I brought the motion to Council, I was pleased that all councillors agree to support this. There's little point having the best and shiniest play parks in the world, if they aren't in areas where they can benefit to our communities, or be accessed by local people.

"The Scottish Government is providing some funds to help upgrade facilities and it is important that we use it wisely, and where it is most needed. I look forward to seeing the report when it is finished. Hopefully we can get a better understanding on the what, when and how for our play parks."

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