Plans for Bruntsfield Place & Pentland Terrace to go ahead

The Council has reviewed comments submitted on the detailed plans for temporary changes to widen pavements on Bruntsfield Place and to set up segregated cycle lanes on Pentland Terrace (Comiston Road) and approval has been given under emergency powers by the Council Incident Management Team, a group of Council officers. 

Implementation on Bruntsfield Place is likely to start in the week beginning Monday 27 July.  Loading bays are to be retained and can be used to drop off or collect a passenger at the shops.

The Council expects to start work on the temporary cycle lanes in early August.  Initially, there will be no changes to bus stops and the layout on the street may differ from the approved designs at some locations. 

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When will the Library re-open?

In response to queries from residents, I asked the Council when Morningside Library will re-open.  Disappointingly the answer is not yet.  I’ve been promised that details of a phased re-opening plan will be announced soon.

Garden Waste Collection Service is extended

Because of missed collections during the pandemic, the current service year has been extended and will end on 8 November so the next year will run till 7 November 2021.  Registration for 2020/21 opens at 10.00am on Thursday 30 July at £25 per bin and closes on 9 September.  You can read more here.

Reporting Waste Issues becomes easier

Good news! Starting with Garden Waste Registration, residents will no longer need to sign into their MyGovScot ‘myaccount’ to use Council online Waste services. Reporting, requesting and paying on the Council’s website should become simpler in future.

South Morningside Primary School no longer to be a Polling Place

The Council is running a consultation on Polling Districts and Polling Places here. One proposed change is to use one of the halls in Morningside Parish Church instead of South Morningside Primary School.  The deadline for comments is 10 August.

Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project

Heat pumps are a renewable energy technology that converts energy in the ground, or in the air, into heat.  The UK Government is funding a project run by Warmworks and Changeworks to install 250 heat pumps in homes across South East Scotland.  The project aims to make homes warmer and more energy efficient and provide related information to the Government.  The cost of the heat pump system is met through the project.  If you are interested in finding out more, please let me know.

Proposal to extend Controlled Parking in Maxwell Street

The Council has issued a traffic order (TRO/19/82) to extend the controlled parking zone in Maxwell Street.  More details are available here The deadline for comments is 14 August.

The latest Coronavirus advice from the Scottish Government is available here.

The latest advice on Council services is available here.

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Councillor Neil Ross
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