Parking problems

People who live in the areas around the tram stations at Murrayfield, Balgreen and Saughton often complain to Councillor Gillian
Gloyer about commuters parking their cars in residential streets before jumping on a tram into town or out to the airport. 

The beleaguered residents find it more and more difficult to park near their homes, while at some junctions the commuters' cars even block drivers' view of oncoming traffic.

Gillian is working with residents to find the best solution in each case. On Roseburn Street, for example, double yellow lines will be painted around the corners of the cul-de-sac at the Murrayfield end of the street. 

"The best solution of all," she commented, "is for commuters to leave their cars at home and travel by bus or on foot to the tram stations."

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