Over-amplification of Street Entertainment

Liberal Democrat councillors have proposed a motion backed at the recent meeting of the full council concerning amplified busking.

Current council advice to street performers recommends performing at a considerate volume so passers-by can hear, but nearby businesses and residents are not disturbed.

However, residents have often complained about the over-amplification of performing in the City Centre, and while the SNP/Labour coalition promised to take action in 2019, nothing has been done.

Liberal Democrat City Centre spokesperson Andy Foxall said, “I enjoy seeing the buskers and street entertainers in Edinburgh’s City Centre and they contribute greatly to the city’s culture. However, it must be remembered that our city centre is also home to many residents and businesses which can be disturbed when busking and performing is not done sensibly and considerately.

“Usually this takes the form of amplification where it is not needed for passers-by to hear, but which causes great disturbance to nearby residents and businesses.”

“The fact that our city centre is still a residential community gives life to the area and should be protected. It is easily possible for street entertainment, residents and businesses to co-exist harmoniously, and the Liberal Democrat proposal backed at the recent meeting of the council is a positive step forwards for this goal.”

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