Number 12 Petition raises Walking Safety Concerns

At the end of last year, over 500 local people signed a petition calling for the night-time Number 12 service to return to pre-pandemic provision.

The Lib Dem team wrote to Lothian Buses asking to meet to discuss the service and whether the timetable could be restored. In response, Lothian stated that their services are under constant review and they would consider the late evening timetable of the 12 in their next service change. They also said that the number of people using their buses was still ‘significantly depressed’.

Local Lib Dem candidate Ed Thornley said, “This is all very well, but it raises more questions than it answers. Most importantly, when is the next service review due?

“With taxis busier than ever, more people are having to walk home from wherever they can get a bus to. Many people who got in touch after signing our petition stressed how unsafe they felt walking home from further away bus stops.

“Last year, the Council passed a motion saying how important it was to make sure women and girls can travel safely in Edinburgh and that safety should be considered when changing spaces in our city. Though we will fight for the Number 12 to return at night, if it doesn’t the Council will need to put serious thought into what changes can be made to make people feel safer.

“It’s important that we remember that being unsafe is not the same as feeling unsafe, and measures such as proper lighting in green spaces are key to making sure people feel safe when walking.The Lib Dem team will keep pushing for the Council to take opportunities to improve walking safety and to meet with Lothian and push for the return of the night-time Number 12 service."

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