Number 12 Bus

Lothian Buses have announced a revised timetable for the number 12 bus, which has resulted in an even poorer service than was previously the case.

Prior to the pandemic the service operated every 20 minutes. When lockdown was introduced this service was curtailed, which was understandable given the circumstances.

However, as restrictions have lifted and public transport has become busier again, local people had hoped the service would be restored to its previous timetable.

The new timetable means that the last bus will leave the city centre shortly after 21.15, which is clearly unsatisfactory.

Alan Beal and Euan Davidson, the Lib Dem candidates for Corstorphine/Murrayfield are keen to see the service returned to full capacity as so many people in Broomhall and Wester Broom in particular have relied on the service.

Alan and Euan have launched a petition calling on Lothian Buses to change course, which you can sign here.

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