Council plan for schools “risks failing pupils and working parents” warn Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat councillors have warned that plans from Edinburgh Council for city schools from August “risks failing pupils and working parents”.

Last week, education officials announced a plan which would see only 33% in-school learning for pupils when they return on Wednesday 12 August. Specific details have yet to be finalised but could see pupils in classrooms for as little as one day in a particular week.


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Re-open Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo have signalled that if they can't reopen by the end of June they will face possible closure. They are ready to open safely, they just need the Government to allow them to do so.

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Labour and SNP make cuts to frontline services in 2020/21 Council Budget

The Council has set its budget for 2020/21 and once again is having to find millions of pounds of cuts and savings because the SNP Scottish Government is refusing to fund local councils properly. Liberal Democrats make serious proposals that would have avoided many of the cuts, but they were rejected by the SNP and Labour administration.


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Fixing Edinburgh's roads and pavements

Residents regularly tell Liberal Democrats across the city that Edinburgh’s roads and pavements are their number one spending priority.  That’s why our councillors included an additional £5m for roads and pavements in our 2020/21 Council budget proposals. 


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Major cuts to community policing

In their budget this year the SNP/Labour run city council cut all their funding for local community policing.  The Liberal Democrat group proposed a budget that would have avoided the need for such a cut.


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A positive 2020 budget for Edinburgh

The six-strong group of Edinburgh Liberal Democrat councillors are proposing a positive budget as an alternative to the SNP/Labour coalition's cut-laden proposal.

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