Latest news on Spaces for People

Here is my latest e-Citizen email newsletter, issued yesterday.

Spaces for People - What happens next?

The Council has been considering the results of its online consultations and debating what to do with all the Spaces for People measures at the end of the pandemic.  The Council has decided to remove the measures on Morningside Road and Bruntsfield Place, except for the section of pavement widening north of the ’Merlin’ and the cycle lane, but will look to extend safe spaces for pedestrians in future.  Other measures will continue and the Council’s Transport Committee will consider options for changes on Comiston Road and Braid Road at its August meeting.  You can read more about this at item 7.13 on the Council’s meeting agenda here.

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Changes to Roads in the Braid Estate & other news

Here is my latest e-Citizen email newsletter, issued yesterday.

Changes to Roads in the Braid Estate

Following implementation of the Council’s cycle scheme through the Braid Estate, I have received many and varied complaints and concerns from local residents, principally about road safety.  In response, I presented a list of concerns at the most recent meeting of the Council’s Transport Committee and secured a promise of an immediate review.  

Disappointingly, very few changes have been made as a result.  A ‘Local Access Only’ sign has appeared at the west end of Braidburn Terrace, the changes to priorities at the junction of Braid Road and Braid Crescent are to be reversed and entrance to the northbound cycle lane has been widened.  Might some of these issues have been avoided if the Council had consulted local residents in advance, as I asked?

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Latest local news

Here is my latest e-Citizen email newsletter, issued yesterday.

In this email you will find details about

  • Braid Road and the Braid Estate
  • Bruntsfields St Oswald's
  • Boroughmuir High School
  • The Astley Ainslie Hospital
  • The Sick Kids Hospital
  • Sunday Parking Controls in the City Centre

Scottish Parliament Election

I don't normally include much party politics in these emails, but I am your Scottish Liberal Democrat councillor and would like to encourage you to back the Lib Dem plan to put recovery first (rather than another referendum) - especially by voting Lib Dem on the regional list.  You can read more about our plans here.

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Council plans for Braid Road & the Braid Estate

I was surprised to learn that the Council’s plans to re-open Braid Road to southbound traffic will include numerous changes at junctions throughout the Braid Estate, designed to enhance the cycle route and discourage through traffic.  These changes involve modal filters at Braid Road/Hermitage Drive, Cluny Drive/Hermitage Gardens and Cluny Drive/Braid Avenue and alterations to priorities at other junctions.

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Local news

Here is my latest email newsletter issued to local residents on Friday.

Braid Road latest ideas

The Council’s Spaces for People team floated their latest ideas for Braid Road at a recent Council workshop for councillors, community councils and special interest groups.  In addition to re-opening the road to southbound traffic, they suggested installing diagonal modal filters at the Braid Road mini-roundabout and also at the junction of Braid Avenue and Cluny Drive.  They gave no indication of when the road would re-open and no commitment to consult with local residents, other than via the online consultation noted below.  I have posted more information on my online news page here.

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Latest ideas on re-opening Braid Road to southbound traffic

I have no definite news on Braid Road, only a hint of what might be to come.  Two days ago, local councillors and a few others attended a workshop hosted by the Council's Spaces for People team to hear their thoughts on how they might re-open Braid Road to southbound traffic.  I have posted their notes and draft plans below but here is a brief summary -

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Spaces for People - Have your Say

Here is my latest e-Citizen email newsletter, issued earlier today.

Spaces for People – Have you Say

The Council is considering whether to make some of the temporary Spaces for People measures permanent.  Its online consultation can be accessed here and runs till 21 March.  This is your chance to feedback your views.  The results will be considered at a meeting of the Transport Committee on 22 April.  If you would prefer a paper version of the questionnaire with a reply-paid envelope, please contact the Council via [email protected] with your name and address.  Other formats are available.


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Braid Road and other local news

Here is my latest e-Citizen email newsletter, issued yesterday.

Braid Road to re-open southbound

At a meeting yesterday, the Council decided to re-open Braid Road for southbound traffic only.  The intention is to reduce delays on southbound public transport journeys and intrusive traffic on Braid Crescent, Cluny Drive and other local streets.  Traffic calming measures are to be installed in the Midmar area. No timescale for re-opening was given only that it may be after the Greenbank to the Meadows cycle route has been implemented (see below).  The full report (item 7.1) and my Lib Dem Group amendment are available here.

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Revised plan for Greenbank to Meadows Cycle route

The Council has today published a revised plan for the temporary Greenbank to the Meadows Cycle route, following a limited consultation with ward councillors, community councils and special interest groups.  It seems the Council has reconsidered its original proposal as the number of modal filters on Whitehouse Loan, which close the road to vehicles, has been reduced from three to two but, otherwise, the plans are as expected.  I asked questions, put to me by local residents, around the number and location of the two northern modal filters and as to subsequent monitoring and review.

Implementation is expected in the week beginning 1 February.  More details are given below.

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E-Citizen newsletter 7 January

Here is my latest e-Citizen newsletter.

Council Services

The latest advice on Council services is available here.  With the latest guidance to stay at home, the Council has changed or suspended a number of services including some related to schools, community centres and libraries (read more here), while re-instating the Shielding/vulnerable people helpline.  The arrangements for schools have also changed – see more here.  Changes have also been announced by Edinburgh Leisure and Lothian Buses.

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