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Decision on Braid Road is to keep it closed

The Council considered a report on some of the Spaces for People measures at a meeting on Thursday. In response to many requests from local residents to re-open the road, Lib Dem councillors proposed that the road should re-open immediately and that the Council should proceed to make the planned improvements.  Sadly, despite being told that the road closure is causing rat running through neighbouring streets and huge congestion and increased air pollution on Comiston Road and outside South Morningside Primary School, SNP, Labour and Green councillors didn’t agree.  A review will be carried out and reported to a committee in November.  You can read the full report at item 6.11 here.  I have launched a petition to encourage the Council to re-open Braid Road and press ahead with the planned improvements.  You can sign my petition here.

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Spaces for People Measures on Morningside Road and Bruntsfield Place

Almost four weeks on, the provision of extra space for pedestrians, apart from the pavement opposite Waitrose, is proving to be less effective now with most people managing to keep a safe distance when staying on the pavements.  From the data I have seen from traders, the initial effects on footfall and turnover have been mostly negative.  I have been trying to work constructively with Council Roads officers to make adjustments to improve matters.  However, although I welcome increased space for pedestrians, unless significant changes are made to improve access and road safety, these measures are no longer helping and should be re-assessed and reset. 

Cycle Lanes on Comiston Road/Pentland Terrace

The latest start date for the implementation of this cycle scheme is Monday 24 August.  In response to residents’ concerns about safety, I have asked for the Road Safety Audit to be carried out before implementation, as is normally done, rather than after, as is planned.  Unfortunately, there has been a distinct lack of proper consultation and preparation for this scheme because it is seen as a response to an emergency.  Updated plans are now available but are not on the Council’s website.  Let me know if you would like to see them.

Good News on St Oswald’s Hall

The Council has approved the sale of the St Oswald’s Hall buildings in Montpelier Park to the community group Bruntsfield St Oswald’s Ltd.  The halls were previously used by Boroughmuir High School.  BStO’s plan to run childcare services, both before and after school, as well as facilitating uses by the wider community and will now press ahead with an application to the Scottish Land Fund to pay for the buildings.  I chaired both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 panels under the Community Asset Transfer arrangements and wish the group every success in their venture.  You can read the Council report as item 6.8 here.

How to report blocked gullies

Given the recent heavy rain, along with instances of serious flooding, many more street gullies have become blocked with leaves, grit and muck.  You can use the Council’s interactive website map to report any blocked gullies near you via this webpage here.  If you had serious flooding issues that affected your property and you have had no response to calls to the Council, please let me know and I will try to help.

Foxes and Food Waste Bins

Many food waste bins are being successfully attacked by foxes, leaving a mess strewn across the road.  As a result, some residents are giving up on the food waste collection so I asked the Council for their advice on tackling this.  Here it is -

“When you put the bin out, make sure you lock it by pulling the handle forward;
Put a rock or other weight on top to make it harder for foxes to get into;
Sanitise it regularly to minimise smells.”  These suggestions didn’t work for me but placing the bin out of reach on top of the grey or green wheelie bin did.  Does anyone know any other tricks?
If the food bin is not locking, then a replacement can be ordered here.

The latest Coronavirus advice from the Scottish Government is available here.

The latest advice on Council services is available here.

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Councillor Neil Ross
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Published and promoted by Fraser Graham on behalf of Neil Ross, (Scottish Liberal Democrats) both at 4 Grange Road, Edinburgh EH9 1UH.


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