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The first consultation about a possible Low Traffic Neighbourhood for the North Gyle and Craigmount area and which also would affect East Craigs closed on 28 Feb.

Local councillor Robert Aldridge said: "Thanks to all who responded. Many, like me, were frustrated that it did not ask the simple question: Do you want a LTN in this area? However, responses are now being analysed and the results will not be available until end March at the earliest. There will then be further opportunities to get your views heard if they propose any measures".

Separately the council has implemented temporary changes under Spaces for People around Craigmount High School and on Drum Brae North. These are temporary and supposed to be for the period of the pandemic. They were subject only to 5 days consultation as ‘emergency measures.’

Thanks to an amendment by Lib Dem councillors all Spaces for People measures are subject to review every 2 months or if there is substantial change to the pandemic.

Cllr Aldridge said "I believe the Drum Brae North measures are unnecessary and disruptive to local residents."

There are 2 further traffic related consultations to be aware of

  1. Parking proposals which include Corstorphine and may affect those who use amenities like churches. Details can be found here.
  2. A consultation around which Spaces for People changes should be considered to become permanent. This does not relate to the current consultation on a LTN in North Gyle, nor does it include the latest Drum Brae North measures, since they were not in place when the consultation began. If you wish to have a say the consultation can be found here.


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