Low Emission Zone Proposals

The SNP/Labour plan for Edinburgh’s Low-Emission Zone (“LEZ”) has been revealed. The plan proposes a City Centre LEZ for high polluting vehicles.

However, it omits large swathes of the city including some major, busy roads in the City Centre ward.

Liberal Democrat City Centre spokesperson Andy Foxall said, “The council have introduced an apparent City-Centre-only LEZ, but their plans fail to incorporate the most polluted streets! The exclusion of key roads makes a mockery of the SNP/Labour plan, providing central routes for high-polluting vehicles to navigate the city without being affected.”

“In addition, the plan will simply force these larger, polluting vehicles into rat-runs through residential areas.”

“If the administration truly cared about lowering emissions in the City Centre from high-emission vehicles, then they would embrace a much larger and more inclusive proposal for a Low-Emission Zone. This is what Lib Dem councillors have been arguing for, and now that the proposals are going back for further review, we hope this will be considered.”

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