Changes to Roads in the Braid Estate & other news

Here is my latest e-Citizen email newsletter, issued yesterday.

Changes to Roads in the Braid Estate

Following implementation of the Council’s cycle scheme through the Braid Estate, I have received many and varied complaints and concerns from local residents, principally about road safety.  In response, I presented a list of concerns at the most recent meeting of the Council’s Transport Committee and secured a promise of an immediate review.  

Disappointingly, very few changes have been made as a result.  A ‘Local Access Only’ sign has appeared at the west end of Braidburn Terrace, the changes to priorities at the junction of Braid Road and Braid Crescent are to be reversed and entrance to the northbound cycle lane has been widened.  Might some of these issues have been avoided if the Council had consulted local residents in advance, as I asked?

Morningside Road changes to Spaces for People measures

Following a meeting I hosted with the Council Leader and local businesses, a number of adjustments are to be made to improve access for deliveries to shops and businesses on Morningside Road.  I continue to support independent businesses and improved access for elderly and disabled customers.

Good news on Bins in parks and Toilets on the Meadows

The Council has promised to put additional resources into emptying bins in parks and local town centres as a result of efforts by my colleague Councillor Osler and I at a recent Council meeting.  You can read more at item 8.3 here.

We also asked for better public toilet provision.  Three temporary units of public toilets are to be installed on the Meadows around the end of May/start of June.  Lib Dem councillors have called for re-opening of all existing public toilets.

Morningside tops the poll for outstanding blocked gullies

Like other residents, I regularly report blocked gullies in Morningside Ward.  It seems Morningside has the highest number of outstanding requests, according to the answer to my written question at the last meeting of the full Council (Question 7 in the Questions and Answers file here). 

Why is that?  I’m told it’s a combination of a large number of requests; this is, of course, a leafy area; and access takes longer because of cars parked on top of gullies.  The good news is the Gully Cleaning team will be prioritising this area in the coming weeks.

LED Street Lighting Project comes to Morningside Ward

The Council plans to start replacing street lighting lanterns with LEDs in the Bruntsfield, Marchmont, Merchiston, Greenhill, Morningside and Braid areas in late May and will run through to the end of June.  The Council asks residents to cut back any overhanging trees or hedges affecting access to the lantern or to the access door at the foot of the lamp post.  You can read more about this here.  Send any queries to [email protected] or call 0800 232 323.

Expansion of Secure On-street Cycle Parking provision

Good news - the Council is aiming to expand the number of on-street secure cycle storage facilities with 100 new locations over the next two years.  More information, including how to apply for a space in an existing facility, or to request cycle parking in your street, is available here.

Winter Festivals Consultation

The Council wants to know residents’ views on the form that the city’s winter festivals at Christmas and New Year should take from Christmas 2022 onwards.  The consultation runs till 19 May and can be accessed here.

Coronavirus – latest news from the Council is available here.

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