Lighting in Inverleith Park

Over the years several individuals have written to Hal with concerns about the lack of lighting on the north section of the pathways in Inverleith Park, leading up from the central crossroads and past the entrance to the allotments to the north side gates on Inverleith Place.

Hal said, "When this was first raised with me I asked officers if this could be addressed, but I was informed that this was not possible as the sodium glow cast from the lights had a very negative effect on the nesting wildlife and a poor environmental impact.

"A couple of years ago the lights in the park and the surrounding area were changed to LED. These have massively reduced the carbon footprint and environmental impacts and with less indirect glow there are less negative effects on wildlife. At the same time however this has made the park generally - and this path in particular - even darker.

"In the summer of this year I brought a motion to Full Council called Creating a Safer First and Last Mile Journey for Women and Girls. This was based on a report by Atkins’ Get Home Safe’ which you can see here.

"The Report calls on transport planners and urban designers to create safer environments by improving visibility, amongst other things.

"I have continued to press this case with officers not only for Inverleith Park but elsewhere and have now been told that a report is being compiled and will be presented to the Culture and Communities Committee. This will cover investment in lighting in a number of our parks, including Inverleith Park.

"Thank you to all the people that wrote to me about this issue in Inverleith Park and elsewhere. It has been a long journey and it is not over yet but at least we are getting somewhere."

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