Lib Dems push to stop cuts to school funding

Edinburgh Lib Dem councillors have pushed to block the cuts to local primary school funding made by the SNP/Labour administration.

Earlier this year, the SNP and Labour cut the money available for teachers to spend in classrooms.

Trinity, Abbeyhill, Leith Walk, Leith and Broughton Primary Schools are all affected by these cuts.

The Lib Dems voted against cutting budgets and presented a fully costed alternative budget that retained funding for schools.

We believe it is entirely wrong to cut devolved school budgets at this time. After the toughest of years, teachers need more money, not less, to help get pupils back on track. We are proud to have stood against these cuts and will continue to keep up the fight.

Leith Walk lead campaigner Jack Caldwell said: "After a year of teachers and staff having to adapt to very challenging circumstances with the pandemic, it's not fiar to ask every school in Edinburgh to further tighten their belts. I'm proud of my colleagues on the council who have stood against these cuts and who'll keep up the fight.

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