Lib Dems double number of Council seats

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have won 12 Councillors across the City of Edinburgh today, with all 6 defending seats held and 6 new council seats gained.

Thank you to everyone who voted for a Scottish Lib Dem champion to represent their community.

Edinburgh is one of the world’s greatest cities. Its people are diverse, generous, and passionate about the place they call home. Being asked to represent them is a great honour and we will do our best to stand up for you.

A decade of SNP and Labour control of Edinburgh Council had failed our city. Under the arrogant ‘we know best’ attitude of SNP and Labour councillors, too many people feel the Council doesn’t listen or, worse still, doesn’t care. Liberal Democrats will always stand up for Edinburgh. We believe the
people of this city deserve better - much better. You can read the full manifesto of how we plan to do that at Results, such as the historic three of the four councillors elected to Almond ward being Lib Dem, shows there's an appetite for change.

Thank you to every candidate and Liberal Democrat activist who spread the positive message of new hope for our city.

Full results of your new Lib Dem Council Group can be found on

Newly elected Almond Councillor Lewis Younie said “I’m very eager to hit the ground running. It’s such a privilege to be able to represent the area where I grew up. There are lots of problems in Almond ward and I’m keen to get to work tackling them.”


Councillor Kevin Lang (re-elected)
Councillor Louise Young (re-elected)
Councillor Lewis Younie (GAIN from Conservatives)

Drum Brae/Gyle

Councillor Robert Aldirdge (re-elected)
Councillor Ed Thornley (GAIN from Conservative)


Councillor Sanne Dijkstra-Downie (GAIN from Conservatives/SNP)


Councillor Hal Osler (re-elected)


Councillor Alan Beal (New Councillor)
Councillor Euan Davidson (GAIN from Conservatives)


Councillor Neil Ross (Re-elected)

Leith Walk

Councillor Jack Caldwell (GAIN from SNP)


Councillor Pauline Flannery (GAIN from Conservatives)

Learn more about our team of Councillors, our MSP and MP at

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