Lessons must be learned from exams fiasco


West Edinburgh Liberal Democrat MSP, Alex Cole-Hamilton has called on the Scottish Government to make sure they learn the lessons of the 2020 exams fiasco ahead of this year's assessments.

Last month, Scottish Ministers confirmed the exams for 2021 would be cancelled. Pupil's final grades will be based on the judgement of teachers.

Alex Cole-Hamilton said, "Cancelling exams was the first thing to do. The evidence is clear that pupils would not have had an equal shot at success if exams went ahead.

"Some have had the disruption of self-isolating multiple times, while others have not missed a minute of school. Now, they now face the challenges of online learning again.

"However, I know pupils and parents in West Edinburgh are still concerned about how the assessment system will work. The SNP Government needs to prove it has learned the lessons from the mistakes of last year and put fairness at the centre of this process.

"There needs to be clear guidance to ensure a fair and transparent process."

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