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  • Braid Road & Comiston Road options
  • Morningside play park
  • Braidburn Terrace & B2 Parking
  • Community Leaf Sweep ups
  • Short Term let consultation
  • Urban Gulls
  • Meadowbank Sports Centre Wall of Honour
  • Recycling sorter

Survey on options for Braid Road and Comiston Road

The Council is running an online survey on options for re-opening Braid Road in both directions and for changes to Comiston Road that aim to improve access for local residents and public transport.  The survey is open to all local residents and the responses are to be reported to the Council’s Transport Committee at its meeting on 11 November.  The survey closes on 10 October.  You can read more about this on my news page here and access the survey here.

Morningside Play Park upgrade

Good news! New replacement play equipment, including swings, a roundabout and an assault course unit, are to be installed in the children’s play area in Morningside Park. The installation is expected to be completed by 31 March next year.

Braidburn Terrace & B2 Parking update

More good news! Council officers confirmed at a meeting today that they have secured funding for the Braidburn Terrace one-way west to east scheme.  They also predicted that the B2 Priority Parking Area extension could be implemented early next year.  More details are available on my news page here.

Community Leaf Sweep ups

If you are willing, able and have time, joining with neighbours to sweep up leaves in your street is one way to respond to Council neglect.  Well done to a large team of residents organised by members of Merchiston Community Council that gathered up over 50 bags of fallen leaves last weekend!  You can find out more about the Merchiston leaf clearing project here.  If you are interested in clearing leaves in your street, I can put you in touch with the Council to supply equipment and arrange removal of bags of leaves.

Short Term let Control Area consultation

Licensing and planning regulations are soon to be introduced for short term lettings.  One of the new rules allows the Council to determine a control area within which the owner of a short term let property, that is not the owner’s principal home, would need to apply for ‘change of use’ approval through the planning process.  This is of particular relevance to properties in tenements and blocks of flats.  You can read more and take part in the consultation here.  It closes on 5 November.

Urban Gulls

Residents affected by urban gulls nesting on nearby roofs will know all about the nuisance they can cause.  The Council’s Pest Control team offers a de-nesting programme to local groups of residents, for a fee.  Given the bird’s nesting season this year is over, the time to start this is anytime before February 2022.  If you would like to find out more about this, please contact [email protected] or call 0131 666 2623.

Meadowbank Sports Centre Wall of Honour – nominations open

Nominations opened yesterday for names for the Wall of Honour at the new Meadowbank Sports Centre. You are invited to nominate people who have made significant contributions to Meadowbank’s past as a sports venue and community facility. The deadline is Friday 26 November. You can submit nominations here.

Recycling Sorter

The Council has created an easy-to -use online recycling sorter. You type in an item and it tells you if it can be recycled, which bin to put it in or where to take it.  One of the Council’s Waste Managers attended Merchiston Community Council this month.  Here are two of his recycling tips - don’t put egg shells in food waste and, after cleaning plastic bottles, squash them and put the tops back on.

Coronavirus – latest news from the Council is available here.

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