Latest ideas on re-opening Braid Road to southbound traffic

I have no definite news on Braid Road, only a hint of what might be to come.  Two days ago, local councillors and a few others attended a workshop hosted by the Council's Spaces for People team to hear their thoughts on how they might re-open Braid Road to southbound traffic.  I have posted their notes and draft plans below but here is a brief summary -

Their draft ideas include placing a modal filter on Braid Avenue at the crossroads with Cluny Drive.  This is a form of road block which restricts access to vehicles but not to bicycles.  The filter would be placed along the north-west to south-east diagonal across the junction so that traffic going north down Braid Avenue would be forced to turn left into Cluny Drive and traffic going east along Cluny Drive would be forced to turn right into Braid Avenue.  There would be a similar result on the other side of the filter.

The draft plan also includes a modal filter at the mini-roundabout on Braid Road along the south-west to north-east diagonal, although I am not entirely clear why it is necessary as southbound traffic coming west along Hermitage Drive will want to turn left into Braid Road anyway.

The currently closed section of Braid Road would have southbound traffic in the middle of the carriageway with segregated cycle lanes down each side and possibly extended pavements too.

I asked about traffic calming measures on the southbound route but no information was available. 

I also asked when local residents would be consulted.  I understand there will be no consultation specifically on this but you can comment on it in the wider consultation mentioned below.

When the Spaces for People team finalise these draft plans, I will post them here.  Hopefully we will then know the implementation date.

In the meantime, please send any comments to the Spaces for People team via [email protected] and copy me in.  You could also comment on them in the Council's Spaces for People consultation here  


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