Labour and SNP make cuts to frontline services in 2020/21 Council Budget

The Council has set its budget for 2020/21 and once again is having to find millions of pounds of cuts and savings because the SNP Scottish Government is refusing to fund local councils properly. Liberal Democrats make serious proposals that would have avoided many of the cuts, but they were rejected by the SNP and Labour administration.


Depsite strong opposition from the Liberal Democrats the SNP/Labour led Council passed a budget with cuts to

  • school budgets,
  • nursery teachers,
  • all council funding for community police,
  • sport and leisure facilities,
  • adult education,
  • libraries and
  • the instrumental music service.

Lib Dem councillors listened to the concerns of residents and responded with a Lib Dem budget which avoided these cuts through finding further efficiencies.  In particular the Liberal Democrats proposed

  • Removing the Administration policy to require the in-house provision of existing services
  • Ending the expensive commitment to avoiding compulsory redundancies.
  • Externalising the collection of the Council’s own trade waste.

Since the Council budget was passed, the Scottish Government has been forced to find more money for Councils, in order to get its budget passed, so maybe the cuts will be avoided.  You can read the whole Liberal Democrat budget proposal here and the proposals from all the groups here.


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