SNP cuts £26 million from Edinburgh Council’s budget



SNP and Green Members of the Scottish Parliament have voted through a massive £26 million cut to Edinburgh City Council’s budget.

It will mean a massive real terms reduction in the money available for vital local services. Liberal Democrat MSPs voted against the SNP/Green budget.

Local Lib Dem council candidate, Kevin Lang said, “With so much pressure on local schools.  With our roads and pavements in such a mess.  With funding for mental health simply not good enough, this was not the time for the SNP and Greens to vote through such a huge cut to the funding of our local services.

“This £26 million cut will place massive pressure on the Council.  SNP councillors in Edinburgh now need to decide where the axe will fall.

“Local people have a real chance to send a strong message at the Council elections in May.  They can tell this SNP Government that they want investment in our schools and mental health services.  If elected as the new local councillor, I will be a local champion and someone who will provide our area with a strong voice in the City Chambers.”

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