Investment Budget Blocked

At the recent Council budget meeting, the Lib Dems proposed a budget which would invest in local services, in schools and in local policing.

The SNP/Labour councillors running the city voted against it.

The Lib Dem budget included measures to invest in flood prevention, road repairs, drain and gully clearing, speeding prevention and to reverse SNP cuts to local primary and secondary school budgets.

Local Lib Dem candidate Ed Thornley said, “There were lots of important measures in our budget, which local people have stressed the need for with the Lib Dem team. In particular, I was hugely supportive of the money we had allocated to improving our parks and greenspaces. Over the course of the pandemic, we were reminded just how vital these areas are, for both our physical and mental health. It’s a real shame this proposal was voted down.

”There’s so much to be done to improve these areas for all of us; proper lighting which can improve safety without disturbing wildlife, repairs and improvements to play equipment, and investment to encourage more wildlife to our greenspaces."

On the issue of playparks in particular, the Scottish Government have pledged funding for upgrading play equipment, but timing for this is still uncertain.

Local Lib Dem councillor Robert Aldridge said, “I was proud to vote for this budget which would have invested in our crumbling roads, paths and pavements, driven up recycling rates and taken steps to address anti-social behaviour. It’s disappointing that SNP and Labour councillors have chosen to block these measures.”

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