Gull-Proof Bin Bag Removal

Liberal Democrats have joined opposition to the proposed removal of the gull-proof bin bags and red/blue box recycling services throughout the City Centre.

Lib Dem candidate for City Centre Andy Foxall said: “When speaking to residents it has been made clear to me that, in areas with Gull-Proof Bin Bags, residents rate their bin collection services highly. This is in stark contrast to residents in areas with Communal Bins who rate their bins & recycling service as poor. I live in a block with communal bin hubs and witness first-hand how the bins are often overflowing and encourage fly-tipping.”

“I do not understand why the SNP/Labour coalition council administration are so determined to remove one of the few council services which currently operates well, in the face of stern opposition of local residents.”

“Liberal Democrats will always stand up for residents to receive the best services possible from their city council, and therefore we oppose the proposed removal of Gull-Proof Bin Bags in the City Centre wholeheartedly.”

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