Greenbank to Meadows cycle route final proposals

The Council decided on Thursday to give the go ahead to the Greenbank to the Meadows cycle route but, disappointingly, without consulting affected local residents. 

The route will have three modal filters on Whitehouse Loan but none in the Braid Estate.  I can see the need in an emergency to temporarily close part of Whitehouse Loan outside the Primary School to aid physical distancing and improve road safety.  Council officers have responded to the questions and concerns from local residents that I raised with them by dropping the proposed modal filters on Braid Avenue and at the junctions of Hermitage Gardens/Cluny Drive and Braid Road/Braid Crescent.  As Braid Road remains closed, there is still a lot of extra traffic trying to cut out Morningside Station by finding its way along Cluny Drive and other streets onto Comiston Road so I don't see the sense of routing cyclists onto Hermitage Gardens and Cluny Drive when Braid Avenue is wider.  Attached below is a map and summary of the proposals. 

I recently met with Ewen Maclean, the author of the Blackford Safe Routes proposal.  More details about this and other low traffic neighbourhoods can be found by visiting Blackford Safe Routes.

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