Give Communities a Sporting Chances

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have outlined plans to boost outdoor activities and local sports facilities.

We know how important sport is for both physical and mental health, and also for a sense of community. This includes all grassroots sports to benefit from the investment and interest in our Bounce Back Education Plan with its commitment to new funded entitlements for children and young people to use over the holidays so nobody misses out.

We also want to ensure that Scotland doesn't miss out on the golden legacy of Judy, Andy and Jamie Murray by supporting the development of more pathways for their potential successors with new accessible tennis facilities and covered courts across the country.

Liberal Democrats will increase investment in activities suitable for older people and disabled people, including new sporting opportunities, with a particular focus on reducing social isolation and loneliness. This plan for Scottish sport is patriotic, ambitious and achievable, provided we have a government prepared to focus on putting the recovery first. 

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