Getting the Basics Right

It will not come as much of a surprise to residents to learn that information obtained by the Liberal Democrats show that streets across the City are dirtier and more littered than when the SNP/Labour Administration came to power in 2017.

Keep Beautiful Scotland audit the City on an annual basis and despite promising to increase the ‘cleanliness score’ to 95% it has actually fallen from 89% in 2017 to just 82%.

Hal Osler said, “I know this is a big issue for residents who are deeply concerned about the state of our City. Many have also expressed anger at the amount of litter that blocks drains and has compounded the recent flooding issues. It is very unfortunate that the SNP/Labour Administration are not interested in getting the basics right and actually investing in our City.

"The focus needs to be getting a regular waste collection service in tenemented areas, as all too often collections are missed. More investment needs to be made in removing street litter so it does not block much needed drains. These are the basics for residents and really should be a priority for the Council.”

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