General Election 2019 candidates

The pro-Scotland, pro-UK and pro-EU Scottish Liberal Democrats have fielded candidates in all five Edinburgh constituencies.

In the last few months, tens of thousands of people across the UK have joined the Liberal Democrats as our membership continues to hit new records. We’ve had our best-ever European elections in May, beating both Labour and Conservatives in every Edinburgh constituency, in turn returning 16 Liberal Democrat MEPs including Sheila Ritchie, the MEP for Scotland. Former Labour and Conservative MPs have joined us because they know that we want to build an open, fair and inclusive society. The Liberal Democrats are standing strong, growing every day.

We can make a better choice. At this general election, people can choose to vote Liberal Democrat. They can choose a government that will build the kind of country and society we deserve, where every person, every community and our planet can thrive. They can choose what kind of country we are – open and generous, or closed and selfish. And they can choose whether we work with our closest allies or stand alone in the world.

This week's General Election is a chance for people Edinburgh across Edinburgh to use their vote to;

  • Fund local services in Edinburgh and across the UK.
  • Tackle the climate emergency by investing in renewable power, upgrading railways and ending fossil fuel subsidies.
  • Stop Brexit and remain in the EU with a £50 billion Remain Bonus.
  • Stop another independence referendum.
  • Fix the broken immigration system.
  • Tackle child poverty by removing the two-child limit and the benefits cap, as well as reforming Universal Credit.
  • Spend 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income on aid: reducing poverty, defending human rights, protecting the environment and preventing violent conflict worldwide.

The fully costed manifesto is availible on

Our candidates are as follows;

Edinburgh North and Leith
Bruce Wilson

Bruce served as a Captain in the Royal Marines Commandos before becoming active in politics. Originally from Highland Perthshire, he and his wife have called Edinburgh home since 2013 and find it a great place to start a family. Bruce's priorities include tackling the climate emergency.

Edinburgh West
Christine Jardine

Christine was elected as the Member of Parliament for Edinburgh West on June 8 2017. Christine is Shadow Home Secretary and also holds the equalities, justice and deputy chief whip portfolios. Before entering politics, Christine was an Edinburgh based journalist and broadcaster who had written for the Scotsman, worked for the BBC and was editor of the Press Association in Scotland.

Edinburgh South West
Tom Inglis

Tom's campaigning for Scotland to be at the heart of the UK and the UK at the heart of Europe, continuing to take advantage of free movement and free trade, working with our friends and neighbours to tackle the climate emergency and inequality, and is focused on making improvements to public services like our buses, schools and hospitals.

Edinburgh East
Jill Reilly

As a project manager, Jill has worked in both the public and private sector, including healthcare, transport, justice and financial services. Currently she is managing a programme of work at Standard Life Assurance. Jill would be a tenacious MP with a true social conscience. What’s more she’s a passionate pro-European, standing up for the overwhelming majority of people in Edinburgh East who voted to remain in the EU.

Edinburgh South
Alan Beal

Alan is an energy consultant & software developer who began fighting climate change over 25 years ago as one of Scotland’s first energy advisors. He is a keen Europhile; as an Edinburgh Street Pastor for 10 years and as someone who lived in a night shelter he is passionate about reducing inequality & poverty.

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