Flooding Update - September

This year - as we are all too well aware – our city has seen yet more serious flooding.

Once more it has been a familiar tale of residents needing help with flooding issues being passed backwards and forwards between the Council and Scottish Water, with neither taking any responsibility and so leaving residents to pay the cost.

Hal Osler said, “Over the last few years I have been working with more and more residents who have been severely impacted by what are now annual severe rains. For those affected year on year it has been heartbreaking to see all that they have gone through to recover and return home, only to be hit with flooding all over again, as the root causes simply are not being dealt with by Scottish Water or the Council.

"I proposed a motion at Full Council in August calling on the Convenor of the Transport and Environment Committee to seek adequate funding from the Scottish Government to deliver flood protection. Several resident groups submitted very powerful deputations and many even appeared to speak to the full Council, which is still being held online. I am incredibly grateful to these residents for shinning a light on the truly horrific human cost of flooding and believe that their testimonies went a long way in getting this motion passed.

"This is just one small but significant step forward and I will keep pushing for resolutions because this is what residents need and deserve.”

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