Ellersly Road improvements

Local councillor Gillian Gloyer is working with Murrayfield Community Council to make Ellersly Road safer for pedestrians. Last
August, members of the Community Council and council officers identified several measures which could be implemented
quickly and would make the narrow pavements much less cluttered.

They included simple things like removing redundant road signs and moving others. In the longer-term, the pavements could be widened and engineering solutions found, to calm the heavy volumes of traffic which use Ellersly Road at certain times of day.

At October's full council meeting, Cllr Gloyer asked the SNP/Labour administration what progress had been made (none, at that point). She was startled to be told that it would take up to six months to implement even these small, 'quick-win' improvements, rather than by the end of 2017, as she had asked for.

The Transport Convenor did, however, promise to ask council officials to move "as quickly as possible".

Residents who use Ellersly Road may soon see positive changes!

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