Education, local communities and getting the basics right!

Tomorrow is polling day in the council elections. The City of Edinburgh of Council has a big impact on our daily lives, effecting schools and libraries, transport and roads, social care and a host of other services. Five years of Labour/SNP control have damaged our city’s reputation and our quality of life. It's time to get the basics right!

Improving education
Liberal Democrats are ambitious for our education and children’s services. We particularly value early-years work, which can set up young people for success.

We believe that the local authority has a crucial role to drive up standards across the city, so that every pupil has the opportunity to thrive and achieve their maximum potential.

Working locally
Liberal Democrats are committed to making a real difference in the communities we represent: listening, offering feedback and keeping in touch with local people all year round; campaigning on issues which are important to the

We believe in people and their potential. Local decision-making, with support for local people and their communities, is at the heart of Liberal Democrat campaigning.

Getting the basics right
Too many people see the council as distant, consultations as meaningless and are frustrated that complaints seem to get nowhere. Nobody seems to listen.

It’s time to be ambitious for all our essential services and make the council work better for you. It’s time to make sure that the council is transparent, easily accessible and clearly accountable.

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