Alex is the oldest of 4 brothers and sisters and from an early age he learned the importance of looking out for others, sticking together and backing up principles with action.

He learned to work hard for everything, he had his first job picking fruit at the age of 10 and worked his way through school and university, giving him a profound understanding of how important employment is to young people starting out in life.
At University, he was active in a range of charities working with issues such as poverty and human rights.

This experience was important when he was elected as President of the Students' Association and worked hard with the Scottish Government to reduce student poverty.

After leaving university, Alex chose a career in the Scottish voluntary sector.
Alex has dedicated his working life to a range of children’s charities where he has used his knowledge of the Scottish political system to bring about real change.

He often appears before parliamentary committees to fight for the needs of vulnerable children and in 2014, Alex helped to bring about new laws allowing looked after children to stay in care up to the age of 21. He received several national awards in recognition of this achievement.
Alex lives in Blackhall with his wife Gillian and their 3 young children.

He is involved in the local community and has helped to lead many local campaigns such as opposition to a housing development on the Craigcrook Horse field; opposition to the closure of local police counters and a campaign for a new airport bus service along the A90 corridor.

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