Tom Inglis - Edinburgh South West


Tom Inglis is our Scottish Liberal Democrat Candidate for Edinburgh South West in the UK Parliament.

Tom thinks that Scotland should be at the heart of the UK and the UK at the heart of Europe, continuing to take advantage of free movement and free trade, working with our friends and neighbours to tackle the climate emergency and inequality, and focused on making improvements to public services like our buses, schools and hospitals.

Tom believes that in tackling the climate emergency, we have a unique opportunity and obligation to reshape our society and economy into one which is more equal, more sustainable and happier, so that we can provide an inspiring home for future generations and lead the world with our example.

Tom is not a career politician - he's been working in the technology industry for twelve years, and has a breadth of experience in the software as a service sector in both the UK and Kenya.

Tom leads a high profile bus campaign to better connect residents in Pentland Hills ward to Livingston and South Gyle. He has had meetings with Lothian Buses and First Buses and corresponded with over 2,000 people.





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