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The council is intending to start a full consultation, from 8th until 28th February, on its proposals for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood.

They are proposing a proper process this time with initial views sought during February. This will be followed by feedback to the community in March and April with any issues and challenges raised by the consultation.

In May, there will be further community engagement on any designs arising from the consultation.

In June, the Transport Committee will consider whether to proceed with an ETRO. If so there will be a chance to comment on it during July and August before a decision in September as to whether to proceed with a trial Low Traffic Neighbourhood.


Robert Aldridge said: ‘Whilst I still need to be convinced that a Low Traffic Neighbourhood is needed in the area, which is currently quiet, I am glad that at last there will be a proper consultation to let all views in the community be heard, and a chance for the community to have a real say in what, if anything, eventually is proposed."


All households should receive leaflets about how they can engage with this in February.

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