Cllr Robert Aldridge - Drum Brae / Gyle

Robert Aldridge has been the Councillor for Drum Brae/Gyle for over 30 years.

He lives locally in the ward in Barntongate, and is the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrat Group on the City of Edinburgh Council.  He is also a member of the Corporate, Policy and Strategy Committee of the Council.

Robert has a long record of service and action for and with the local community and he has a strong reputation for getting things done.

  • He campaigned successfully with local residents for the Drum Brae Leisure Centre and for the Drum Brae Library Hub, which have both been hugely successful.
  • He has chaired the Neighbourhood Partnership’s Environment Committee leading to improvements in parks across the Drum Brae/Gyle area and targeted anti litter campaigns.
  • He has championed more local decision making – especially in promoting the Youth Decides initiative locally, where young people recommend local projects for funding.
  • He championed the new gym hall at East Craigs Primary school and the development of the new Buttercup Farm Park.

For all his time as a Councillor Robert has fought to protect local green spaces from development. He opposed the new Local Development Plan which has seen development begin at Cammo and West Craigs, with more applications to come.

Robert said: "Our green spaces are essential for our health and well-being. There are already problems with overcrowded schools and traffic congestion. Further such enormous housing developments will only lead to these problems getting worse. If they are to proceed, we need investment in our infrastructure to match."

Together with Councillor Ed Thornley, he is campaigning for:

  • Action to tackle the terrible state of local roads, paths and pavements
  • More investment in our parks and green spaces
  • Better lighting in green spaces so people can feel safe when walking
  • A lights-controlled crossing at the junction of Drum Brae North and Drum Brae Drive
  • Changes to the timetabling of the Number 12 bus to return it to the pre-pandemic timetable
  • A complete shelving of Council plans for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood in East Craigs and Craigmount, rather than simply 'for now'
  • Removal of the hazardous Spaces for People cycle lane on Drum Brae North

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