Drains and Culverts

A big issue in Corstorphine - again –  over the last couple of months has been flooding at Clermiston Road, Coltbridge and parts of Roseburn.

We think that blocked culverts are a significant reason for this. Drains that are clear of mud, weeds and debris ensure that rainwater can be safely cleared and not accumulate. We now get frequent, sudden bursts of heavy rainfall which exacerbate the problem.

In Clermiston Road, we pushed to ensure that the culverts were unblocked after resurfacing, which eventually did take place. We are also monitoring the situation in Saughtonhall, after the resurfacing work and receiving emails from concerned residents.

In a recent question asked by Lib Dem councillors, we discovered that waiting times to unblock drains are far too long across the city. We want to see waiting times reduced for this.

So please do self-report blocked culverts (https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/blockedgully) and let us know the progress, especially if they have been blocked for a long time.

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