Draft Mobility Strategy has 'gaping holes'

City of Edinburgh Council's new draft mobility strategy was published at the start of the year, and while many of it's aims are desirable, there are some gaping holes concerning exactly how these aims are to be acheived.

At the start of the year, the SNP/Labour administration on the City of Edinburgh Council released their draft strategy to improve public transport in Edinburgh up to 2030.

The strategy, names Connecting People - Transforming Places, claims to be an ambitious agenda for change and sets out many desirable goals, especially to provide "effective, accessible, affordable and safe" public transport.

However, as it stands, the strategy raises at least as many questions as it answers.

Lib Dem ward champion for City Centre, Ed Thornley, said:

"The aim to make Edinburgh carbon neutral by 2030 is fantastic, and we will definitely need transformational change to get there, but there are some gaping holes.

"We're told that the strategy wants to reduce dependency on cars, but there are no guarantees of new bus routes or details of improved train services.

"While at the same time as we're encouraging people to use public transport, Lothian Buses are upping their prices by as much as 12.5% in some cases.

"Encouraging people to make environmentally friendly choices while simultaneously digging deeper into their pockets for the privilege doesn't make much sense to me.

"We should be making public transport more accessible, not less."

The Lib Dem representative on the Council's Transport and Environment Committee asked for the release to be delayed by a few weeks so improvements could be made, but the proposal was voted down by administration SNP and Labour councillors.

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