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Jack Caldwell, 28, is the Scottish Lib Dem candidate for Leith Walk ward. He's lived in a council flat in the heart of the Leith Walk Ward since he was four years old, in 1997, attending the local schools, Boy’s Brigade and Scout troop. Jack’s workplace is just off Leith Walk, where he is an IT technician for a local independent arts charity.


"I'm now standing for Council  for Leith Walk ward - aiming to stand up for the overlooked communities of Leith Walk ward: Broughton, Bonnington, Abbeyhill, Pilrig, Easter Road, Hillside, Powderhall and Leith.

It’s a privilege to be given the opportunity to stand up for Leith Walk. Being actively involved in the local community, it is distressing to see the negative impact that eight years of roadworks are having on our area. In addition, the council has completely mismanaged recycling and refuse. We residents are being very patient, but our living standards are suffering from the dust, noise, strewn litter, and traffic jams are increasing across the ward.

It’s time we stopped utility companies running wild with public pavements, roads and cycle lanes. We deserve to be able to go to work or the shops without finding out our bus stop has moved to a totally different place again!

It is shameful that in 2022, North East Edinburgh still has unacceptable areas of financial inequality, with Leith Walk having a 21% material poverty rate alone. We can’t afford to have vital services such as Devolved School Budgets Community Policing further cut by our council.

If elected, my top priority will be to work hard to ensure community resources and charities receive enough funding to continue serving local residents. I will also explore as many options as possible to reduce inequality and attract high quality, sustainable, accessible and integrated social-rent housing to the area.

I'll also obtain better communal recycling facilities."


Any generous donations here will go towards the positive campaign in the form of leaflets. It'll enable me to let more people know about what we stand for. Thank you for all the support you've given so far!


Published and promoted by Mike Gray on behalf of Jack Caldwell (Scottish Liberal Democrats), both at 4 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5DR.