Crossing Point to the Botanics

A new roadway design has now been implemented at the crossing point from Inverleith Park to the Botanic Gardens. 

This followed a number of concerns being raised by blue badge holders about the suitability of the blue badge space provision, after they were removed from the crescent roadway area outside the west gate into the Botanics.

Local Lib Dem councillor Hal Osler said, “It is absolutely right that those who require a blue badge space should not be penalised and unable to gain access to an important amenity such as the Botanics because of roads changes made by the Council.

"However it is also very important to maintain a safe central passageway between the Botanics and Inverleith Park and protect all users of this busy crossing, over the years we have seen increasing levels of conflict between vehicles and people.

"I am hopeful that the four new blue badge spaces at the edge of the crescent section will help to alleviate some of the concerns raised. The scheme will be reviewed after 6 months to check that it is working as hoped.”

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