Craigmount Potholes

Residents have been in touch with Robert, Ed and local MP Christine Jardine about the increasingly poor state of local roads, especially around Craigmount.

Christine said, “We’ve recently got some work done on Craigmount Park, but the quality of the repair is poor. I have been writing to residents to get more information and examples. Thank you to everyone who has responded so far.”

Ed Thornley said, “Full repairs are needed, rather than patching jobs, and that applies to so many roads in the area.

“It’s not just about cars, it’s about cyclists and pedestrians too. Our roads and pavements are in an appalling and dangerous state, and it’s well past time this basic service was provided properly.”

Robert and Ed have reported lots of specific instances across Drum Brae, East Craigs, Craigmount, Clermiston and Parkgrove in recent weeks, and are currently waiting to hear back.

Robert Aldridge said, "The Lib Dems recently proposed an extra £10 million to tackle this problem, but it was voted down by the SNP/Labour administration. We will continue to push on this though- it's a basic service which the Council are just not providing."

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