Craigcrook Road

After much pressure, another series of vehicle speed checks have been carried out on Craigcrook Road.

One speed check was run between Keith Terrace and Jeffery Avenue and a second took place between Loch Road and Hillpark Green. As a surprise for many local residents, recorded average speeds on the eastern end of Craigcrook Road were at only 20.7mph so no additional measures are considered necessary.

However, on the western end the recorded average speed was much higher at 26.7mph. As a result, the stretch of Craigcrook Road between Strachan Road and Queensferry Road now is being considered for a site investigation.

Hal Osler said, “I know this has taken a long time and for years many residents have worried about higher and higher speeds on Craigcrook Road.  I am hopeful now some tangible measures will be put in place.

"Over the years I have asked for a pedestrian crossing for Blackhall Primary and I will continue to press for this amongst, other things. Also I know that many residents on the eastern end of Craigcrook Road are concerned about the stretch along Ravelston Park where three are concerns with pedestrian park users. Even though the average speed on that stretch is surprisingly low and no steps will be taken at the moment, I will continue to ask that this area is monitored.”

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