Councillor Caldwell passes Air Quality motion

Councillor Caldwell won cross-party support today for his motion highlighting the importance of clean air both in and around primary schools

Counicllor Caldwell said; "It's essential we expand the Safer Streets programme to promote generally cleaner air around schools as well as get an updated ambition on Air Filters for internal ventilation. Additionally, Covid-19 transmission is not over and it's effects on young people are longlasting. HEPA filters still have a role to play in removing *both* PM2x pollution and viral droplets. The amended motion is underpinned by the fact that air filters alone cannot clean the air around primary schools, & I'm grateful to Councillors Young, Parker and Bandel from both fellow Lib Dems and Greens for helping to highlight we should be promoting sustainable travel. A report will now come to a future Policy and Sustainability Committee to outline progress made so far on school ventilation and how we can enhance it. It also gives the Transport and Environment Committee another mandate to boost walking, wheeling and cycling at primary schools. When I see the amount of traffic around primary schools like Broughton Primary, Leith Walk and Abbeyhill and compare it to Lorne Primary which has a road closed outside, it's clear there's lung inequality."


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