Council plans for Braid Road & the Braid Estate

I was surprised to learn that the Council’s plans to re-open Braid Road to southbound traffic will include numerous changes at junctions throughout the Braid Estate, designed to enhance the cycle route and discourage through traffic.  These changes involve modal filters at Braid Road/Hermitage Drive, Cluny Drive/Hermitage Gardens and Cluny Drive/Braid Avenue and alterations to priorities at other junctions.

The changes will be implemented using a temporary traffic regulation order, likely to last for 18 months, under the emergency powers granted to the Council to help people with social distancing during the pandemic.  The modal filters will not operate to close roads but will be placed diagonally across junctions so that traffic can still pass through but only in one direction.  For example, traffic heading east from Braid Road along Cluny Drive will have to turn right into Hermitage Gardens.  There are changes in priorities at junctions on Braid Road, Braid Crescent, Hermitage Gardens, Corrennie Drive and Braid Avenue.  I have attached copies of the plans below.

Council has invited local councillors, Morningside Community Council, the emergency services and special interest groups, but not local residents, to comment by 29 March before the designs are presented to senior Council officers for approval.  The scheme is expected to appear on the ground in the week commencing 5 April.

I can’t say whether these plans will be a success or not but they are complicated.  My main concerns are

- the imposition of a traffic scheme without consulting residents. 

- the Council has no intention to provide notification or explanation of these changes to residents.

Please send comments, whether in favour or not, to [email protected] and copied to me at [email protected] 


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