Edinburgh Council backs Lib Dem plan on vehicle idling

Councillor Neil Ross' motion successfully passed at today's City of Edinburgh Council meeting.

Councillor Ross' motion opens the door to parking attendants being able to issue Fixed Penalty Notices on illegal idling, which is damaging both for Edinburgh's environment and lungs.

The Edinburgh Liberal Democrats will continue to push for cleaner air for our city, whether it's an ambitious Low Emission Zone or investment in public transport and active travel.

The full motion can be found below:


1)         Notes that while emissions from stationary vehicles are only a small contributor to overall levels of air pollution, they can cause discomfort to people in the immediate vicinity, particularly where they occur in sensitive areas (e.g. outside schools). High levels of localised pollution can also trigger the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory diseases in vulnerable people.

2)         Notes that the Council has powers under the Environment Act 1995 to tackle engine idling and, in the vast majority of cases, the only action required will be to remind a driver to switch off the engine while the vehicle is parked.  If a driver refuses to co-operate, the Council can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice of £20.  The Council’s Street Enforcement team currently carries out vehicle emission enforcement, but it is possible to also employ a third party to carry this out.

3)         Notes that the Council employs NSL to regulate and enforce parking in the city.

4)         Requests that the Council should engage with NSL to discuss the potential for vehicle emission enforcement by parking attendants including, in particular:

i) the issue of appropriately worded leaflets to remind drivers whose engines are idling of their legal obligation to switch off the engine when parked; and

ii) where a driver refuses to co-operate, the issue a Fixed Penalty Notice of £20; and

iii) to report on the result of the discussions within two cycles to the Transport & Environment Committee.”


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