Coronavirus update 2

Here is the text of my latest email update to constituents.  You can receive my e-Citizen email updates by contacting me and asking to be added to my circulation list.

The Council’s latest advice and announcements on services are available here

Some recent announcements are below.


24 schools are open to children of all key workers. Schools will be open over the Easter holidays with an increase in hours to 08:00–18:00 from next week.  South Morningside Primary School pupils are being looked after in St Augustine’s High School.  I have asked the Council to prioritise local provision of childcare and to consider re-allocating surplus places at St Peter’s to local children but have had no response, as yet.  As a result of low uptake of places overall, an assessment is to be made soon to determine if provision could work as effectively from fewer buildings.  More information is here.

Care for Vulnerable and High Risk People

The Council has set up a special webpage here to provide advice and assistance to vulnerable and high risk people who can’t leave home, for example for the provision of essential supplies, such as food and medicines.  Letters are being issued to vulnerable people by the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland.

Homeless People

The Council has been making extra efforts to find suitable accommodation for homeless people, especially if they have to self-isolate, potentially using hotels, self-contained flats and halls of residence.  The Council is also working hard to keep homeless shelters and street-based outreach services open for as long as possible.  More information is available here.  

Bethany Christian Trust has launched an appeal for funds to try to keep its doors open to homeless people.  You can find out more here.

Volunteering to help

The Scottish Government has set up arrangements for anyone who would like to volunteer to help in this health crisis via Ready Scotland.  The Council is directing volunteers to Volunteer Edinburgh.

Council contacts

During the current health crisis the Council is encouraging residents to make contact online via the response and report forms on its website at rather than by telephone so that the main phone number 0131 200 2000 can be freed up for emergencies such as social care direct, urgent repairs and welfare support.

Glass recycling collections suspended

A reminder that kerbside glass (blue box) collections have been suspended until further notice to free up the depleted collection crews.  Please inform neighbours who may not be aware of this.  Communal glass bins used in flatted and tenement areas will continue to be serviced but should only be used by those properties.  Bulky waste collections and bin deliveries have also been suspended. 

Health Advice

You can check the latest advice at NHS Inform.

Brexit and Independence – remember them?

The Scottish Government has stopped its preparations for another independence referendum and urged the UK Government to stop its preparations for Brexit. You can read more here.

Support and Advice

This continues to be an anxious and uncertain time but I am ready to help in whatever way I can.

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I hope you found this practical advice and information helpful.

Councillor Neil Ross
Liberal Democrat Councillor for Morningside Ward

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