Common Repairs Update

Many local residents have experienced the pain of trying to persuade other homeowners to share their responsibilities when it comes to common repairs.


A new “Scheme of Assistance” approved recently by the Council’s Finance and Resources Committee could go along way to help responsible homeowners with this issue.

Based on the understanding that individuals have the primary responsibility for maintaining and repairing their own home, the Scheme recognises that homeowners with shared responsibilities are often prevented from carrying out essential repairs by a small number of other owners being unwilling or unable to contribute their share of the costs.

When the Scheme is up and running, in specific cases where the majority of homeowners have reached agreement, the Council would pay what is called “missing shares” when it is satisfied that: 

· The maintenance proposed, having regard to the state of repair of
the premises, is reasonable;
· The share of the estimated cost is correct, in terms of the title deeds
or agreed Tenement Management Scheme (TMS) under the Tenement
Scotland Act 2004;
· The owner who has not complied with the requirement is unable or
unwilling to do so;
· The majority of owners have agreed to carry out the work; and
· The owners have set up a maintenance account as defined within the
Scottish Government guidance.

More information about the Scheme can be found on the Council website on the Finance and Resources Committee Papers Tuesday 5th September (Item 8.2). Hopefully the scheme will start soon.

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