City Plan 2030 - How Does it Impact Colinton/Fairmilehead?

Edinburgh Council published it's draft City Plan 2030 today. This is designed to set out how to develop the city sustainably over the next ten years. Key issues are how to provide housing stock, deal with climate change and tackling social inequality.

You can find the whole document here. The City Plan beings on slide 20 and is - as you'd expect - fairly lengthy!


As a quick first view, the issues I was pleased to see were:-

Redford Barracks


The document goes into a lot of detail about this and lists the development principles as:-

• A housing-led mixed –use development which draws the surrounding communities together, through the provision of new connections, open spaces and other community infrastructure.

• A development which respects the heritage of the site. New uses for all listed buildings -and their settings- within and adjacent to the site must be an integral part of future development proposals. Any new buildings should have a positive relationship with existing listed buildings in terms of height.

• Active travel routes provided through the site to connect with and contribute towards the provision of the following active travel infrastructure: a. New Active Travel Route: Redford Barracks to City Centre b. New Active Travel Route: Colinton Road to Colinton Village c. New Active Travel connections: Water of Leith (NCR75 Colinton Dell) to Colinton Mains Drive d. New active travel connection: Union canal ramp access. e. Active travel link: connection to supermarket and Colinton Primary School and Oxgangs Road North/Colinton Mains Drive.

• Contributions towards Public Transport Improvement: South Orbital Bus Route connections (Redford Barracks to Gilmerton and Sighthill to Redford Road/ Oxgangs)

• Provision of a mobility hub.

• Retention of existing streets which are lined by the stables blocks plus other key routes through the site. The frontages to many of these streets needs to be improved to make them more attractive.

• Provision of appropriate frontages to Colinton Road, Oxgangs Road North and the rear of surrounding uses. The existing parade grounds should be kept free from development. Any new development around the parade grounds must provide active frontages onto these spaces.

• Retention and enhancement of Redford recreation park to the southeast of the site and provision of a new community park (See proposal BGN 27) and play space in line with criterion (m) below.

• Maximisation of the views of the Pentland Hills, Craiglockhart Hill, and landmark buildings. • Retention of the war memorial although relocation to an alternative location could be agreed.

• Interpretation of the site’s military history within the new development.

• Removal of the security fence around the site.

• New outdoor play facilities to be integrated into the site layout in a well overlooked and accessible location with a welcoming setting. These new facilities shall provide for a range of users, including those with disabilities. See proposal BGN 27

• Provide or contribute towards education, and healthcare infrastructure and community facilities, and,

• A Flood Risk Assessment is required and should inform the development and design/layout of the site, including taking opportunities to address surface water flooding and historic interactions between the Braid Burn and Water of Leith

The developer will also invest in Colinton PS and Firhill HS. The report suggests that Colinton PS will need an extra 6 classes and dining / assembly hall extension and that Firhill will need a site with an area of 2.3 ha. A safe walking route between the school and the annexe, and any improvements to existing transport infrastructure, will also have to be secured.


As per my Facebook post and email earlier this month, the plan also confirms that there will be further consultation with local residents.

No Greenbelt Development for This Ward

None of the greenbelt in Colinton/Fairmilehead has been given up for development.  The Council now accepts that it can meet its housing supply targets without allocating any further greenspace for development. This has been a long argument from lots of angles, but it's good to see the Council taking this approach and utilising brownfield sites already within existing communities.

I'll look at this further and do a more detailed update but - for now - this looks pretty good for the place we all call home!



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