Edinburgh Council backs LibDem call for action to tackle ‘crippling’ parking costs for carers

Edinburgh Council has backed a call from Liberal Democrat councillors to consider exempting carers from ‘crippling’ parking costs in controlled parking areas across the city.

Liberal Democrat councillor Kevin Lang received cross-party backing for his motion at today’s meeting of the Council. It will now require officers to look at how carers could get free or discounted parking when looking after vulnerable people in areas covered by controlled parking zones (CPZ).


Edinburgh Council has only limited arrangements for NHS care workers to get free parking. This leaves the majority of carers having to pay substantial parking charges when looking after those in need, whether professional care workers or unpaid carers.

A report on the options for change will now come to the Transport Committee in the first half of 2021.

Councillor Kevin Lang said,  “If ever there was a year when we have seen the importance of carers, it has been 2020. Like many, I stood with my family and applauded as part of the clap for carers campaign. However, as well as showing appreciation, we need to look at what we can do practically to help and support carers when they are looking after vulnerable people.

“There are only limited arrangements for NHS carers to be exempt from parking charges in Edinburgh’s controlled parking areas. It can leave many professional carers incurring substantial costs when providing personal and social care. Those costs can be even more crippling for unpaid carers.

“I am pleased to have now got cross-party backing to look at the feasibility of a broader system that could ensure more carers are given free or reduced cost parking when looking after those in need”.



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