Call for better transport links in West Edinburgh

Edinburgh West MP Christine Jardine, has pledged to make public transport links into the city centre a top priority throughout 2021 to improve connectivity and help tackle the climate crisis.

Bus fares to Edinburgh City Centre from Queensferry, Dalmeny, Ratho Station and Kirkliston still cost nearly twice as much as fares from parts of Midlothian and East Lothian.

“In the year ahead, I want to focus on ensuring my constituents in Edinburgh West have public transport routes which are suitable to local needs. At the moment you have high prices and indirect routes, this cannot continue. These are lifeline routes from more rural Edinburgh into the city and need to be accessible if we are to reduce car usage and achieve our target of reaching net-zero by 2045.

"At a time when the area is crying out for a properly joined up, affordable transport system this just shows that yet again the SNP run council has failed people. I plan to make my constituents’ needs impossible for the SNP-led council to ignore.”


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