Budget 2021

The Council voted on its 2021/22 budget in February.

The Liberal Democrats proposed our own balanced budget, which can be found here.

Lib Dem priorities were to support those hit hardest by the pandemic, fix our broken paths, pavements and roads, and invest in our parks and green spaces.

The Lib Dem budget included £2 million to invest in the fabric of our community centres; £100,000 for neighbourhood environmental initiatives and a new fund of over £280,000, which community groups across the city could apply to for local projects that would help their own neighbourhoods. Unfortunately, the Liberal Democrat proposal was defeated.

Council Rents will be frozen for the coming year, after efforts led by Lib Dem councillors to stop the SNP increasing them at a time when people are already struggling. Council Tax will also be frozen for the coming year.

The SNP/Labour budget was passed and included cuts to school funding, community policing, and an increase in the garden tax.

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