Lib Dems unveil progressive, fully-costed Council budget that Puts Recovery First

As Edinburgh Council’s 2021/22 budget is being decided tomorrow, our Councillors have proposed a Budget that improves parks, pavements and school budgets and puts recovery first.

While the SNP/Labour coalition proposes cuts and rent hikes, we propose

£10million more than the coalition on fixing paths, pavements and roads.

Whilst the coalition proposes scrapping the remaining community police funding, we want to retain officers.

Here’s a full breakdown of our proposals vs. the coalition’s ‘business as usual’ proposal;

Finance Spokesperson Councillor Neil Ross said;

“The Council budget is important because it's the blueprint for all of Edinburgh's local services, from schools to recycling facilities"

"The Edinburgh Liberal Democrats have proposed a budget that would help the hardest hit from the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as improve basic services such as fixing our broken paths, pavements and roads, improving our parks and green spaces and boosting school budgets.

"It's important that we put recovery first."

Our full budget motion is available on

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