Botanics Blue Badge Parking

Autumn last year saw Spaces for People (SfP) measures being implemented on Aboretum Place, which were introduced to make it safer for pedestrians to cross between the east gate of Inverleith Park and the John Hope Gateway into the Botanic Gardens.

Unfortunately the measures have also meant moving the blue badge spaces further along from the road circle outside of the Botanics.

However these spaces were not clearly marked and this led many to think that the spaces had simply been removed.

Hal Osler said, “I would like to thank the many people who took the time to contact me about this matter and I can fully understand the anger that this caused. It is so important especially at this time, for all individuals to be able to get out and about safely.

"The spaces have now been clearly marked and I hope that this now allows individuals to go back and enjoy Inverleith Park and the Botanics as usual.”

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